Open Archaeology


About Open Archaeology

The past forms the foundation for our shared human experience, and belongs to all of us.  Archaeology helps us capture and interpret past human activity by applying common-sense systematic data collection practices that are accessible to anyone.  As with any science, the key is to record everything carefully and accurately, to document recording procedures, and to share data and results openly.  New digital technologies are making each of these steps more efficient, and thus easier to do.  Digital technologies also make it easier to invite anyone to participate in each of these steps, regardless of your prior experience or current location.

The goal of the Open Archaeology project is to serve as an interface between the public and the professional archaeology community.  We approach this goal by leveraging new digital technologies to make archaeological data and practice accessible to anyone.  We are also continuously experimenting with new innovations in digital technology to improve the quantity and accuracy of the data we collect and share.  Archaeology is an inherently destructive science, whenever we excavate a site, we destroy the evidence as we collect it.  No one can excavate the same ground again.  We must record everything as accurately as possible so that others can evaluate our interpretations of the evidence - the basis for scientific reproducibility.

We hope that you will join us in this collaboration.  Please consider volunteering to participate in field or digital work.